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A valid permit to drill, destroy, deepen, or recondition a water well is required in the County and the three cities. Permits are obtained from the EHD after submission of a completed application, plot plan, and fees. EHD staff must be present to verify proper placement of the annular seal around the well casing. Annular seals are usually placed around the top 20 feet of casing but may on occasion be placed just a few feet or as much as several hundred feet deep when required by local conditions.
Section 13750.5 of the California Water Code requires that any person digging, boring, drilling, deepening, reconditioning, or destroying a water well, cathodic protection well or monitoring well possess a C-57 Water Well Contractors License. A well permit must clearly identify the driller and C-57 contractor's license number.

Clearance is required on water supply potability before occupancy of any parcel when building a home, installing or replacing a mobile home when the current property owner is not listed on the original well permit, or developing a spring/creek as a water supply.



Before contacting any division within the Department of Resource Management, it would be helpful for the applicant to be able to explain exactly the nature of his/her development request. Whether it is a request to add a bedroom onto an existing dwelling or a proposal to subdivide a parcel of land into two or more lots or drill a new water well, it is important to come to the Department's Central Permit Counter with a clear understanding of the nature of the proposed project.

Some helpful hints as to how this can be accomplished are described below:

Furnish the correct and current Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) for the property on which the project will take place. Usually this number can be obtained from your most recent tax statement prepared by the Assessor's Office or at the Permit Counter.
Provide the correct and current address of the project site. Also, be sure to include your telephone number and current mailing address including the zip code.
Provide an accurate drawing or a free-hand drawing of the type of project you are contemplating. (see plot map form in required forms and documents)  This will give the County staff some idea of what your request is and how the most effective service can be provided to assist you. Please check to make sure that you have the appropriate copies of your application and related materials as requested on the application form. This is also true of information from other agencies that will be needed to properly review your request.
Provide accurate dimensions of the project site. Usually this information can be obtained if you can get a copy of the latest Assessor's Parcel Map page from the Assessor 's Office located in the County Courthouse. This same information can also be obtained from the property deed describing your property.


To get started in contacting the right County department to ask general questions and setting appointments regarding your project, the Permit Counter personnel should be contacted. Additionally, the following suggestions are offered:

The Environmental Health Division should be contacted if you will need:

  • A permit to drill a new well or to have water from an existing well tested or to create and/or modify an existing private or public water system.
  • A permit to install or repair a septic tank and/or drainfield system. Testing to be done for a proposed location for a new or replacement septic system.
  • A permit for the storage and/or transport of hazardous materials.
  • A permit for the establishment and/or the enlargement of a business preparing or serving food and drinks.
  • A permit for the use of public or semi-public swimming pools.


Before attempting to submit a project application, it is strongly recommended that the applicant call the Permit Counter. Usually a phone call or visit to the Permit Counter or one of the above offices will result in obtaining answers to general questions on procedures for filing an application.


This is always an important question to consider when deciding to submit an application or when deciding on a particular project. County staff is always available to answer questions on the various costs of permits for a variety of project applications. Applicants are encouraged to call or visit with representatives of the County staff before starting a project. Often one or more steps in the development of a project can be altered which might result in a considerable cost saving to the applicant. County staff has a complete list of application fees and costs and these can be obtained, free of charge, by mail or in person by contacting the appropriate department or agency. Applicants are encouraged to ask as many questions as they feel are necessary to ensure that once an application is submitted, their request will be processed as quickly as possible without major complications or significant delays.


For routine development applications associated with each division which do not require a public hearing or an environmental review, the actual review and approval process can range from several days several weeks depending on the complexity of the request. For example, a normal building permit request for an electrical permit to install a new heating device should, under most circumstances, only require several days to issue. On the other hand if the request is for a building permit for a large commercial or industrial project, issuance of a final permit may take several weeks from time of permit submittal to final approval. In a number of cases, the response by the applicant in providing agencies with additional information and/or revisions to original plan documents can also influence how quickly an application is processed.

Most permits issued by the Air Quality Management District and the Environmental Health Division follow a similar permit processing review pattern and time frame.

Division staff can generally provide a realistic estimate regarding the length of time normally associated with review and approval of most applications.


For routine building, zoning, administrative, and environmental health permits, agency staff responsible for processing such applications generally are the only personnel that review such proposals. The Permit Counter is the permit application center. As a result, the convenience and efficiency with which most routine permits are processed by staff at this counter is a genuine benefit to individuals where the need to have applications processed quickly is important.


As previously explained, many applications are reviewed and approved by the Permit Counter staff associated with one or more of the four Divisions in the Department of Resource Management. Staff is often able to approve applications and issue the necessary permits for minor projects within a matter of days. This time frame varies within each Division depending on the nature of the specific application.

It is important to remember that in the event there are questions regarding the status of an application, persons are encouraged to contact the respective Divisions for a current update. Fax response for each Division is now possible and persons are encouraged to take advantage of this timesaving communication medium.

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