Leo Foster Early Foster Well Drilling PhotIn the early 1940’s The Foster family started their drilling business in Shasta County. Leo Foster (shown at right) drilled core samples for the construction of Shasta Dam project and gained expertise in solid rock formations.Shasta Dam

In the 50’s & 60’s Leo became legendary for his knowledge of rock formations and solid rock drilling. He was one of the pioneer drillers to choose the location of the well based on  experience and geology.  Leo was instrumental in writing and implementing the well ordinances for the whole of Shasta County.

During that time many days were spent at government offices and attorneys to make sure our ground water was protected as well as maintaining the integrity of the drilling business. 

When Steve, Leo’s son, was only 5 years old he was already helping his dad with his drilling business. By the time Steve was in high school he had a solid understanding of the daily operations of the business. At age 17 Steve had studied diligently to become a contractor and passed the exams with flying colors.

Foster Well Drilling RigThe drilling business progressed rapidly in the 70’s with the increase of population to Shasta County and the advancement of the air rotary drilling equipment to speed up the process of drilling. The benefit of drilling in the area in which you have live gave the Fosters the advantage over the competition.

Steve Foster - Foster Well DrillingThe 80’s brought a new Foster to the mix, Ryan Foster, the third generation of well-drilling Fosters.  Ryan, now in his 20s is also a professional Late Model Race Car Driver - ( www.fostermotorsports.com ). Today the family run business continues to grow and lead the way by staying on the cutting edge of technology and equipment improvement.  Now using the new state of the art equipment; such as, Air Rotary & the new Drill, Air Rotary with Casing Hammer, Fosters is able to fill all water well drilling needs including solid rock formations, valley work and commercial well needs.

With the new century the future and safety of our drinking water has become a primary focus of Foster Well Drilling and realizes it is one of the crucial component to the business - even more so than when it started in 1943.

Foster Well Drilling is the oldest drilling business in Shasta County.  With a lifetime of experience Steve has becoming an expert witness in the field of drilling for legal cases and investigations.  Steve is also on the Shasta County Advisory Board where he is on the frontline for guiding our community to maintain the integry of the drinking water.   Foster Well Drilling promises to continue to maintain the integrity of drilling in our beautiful region of Northern California... Because after all, “Drinking well water is just simply better.”

Below is the Foster Well Drilling sponsored Late Model Tour Car of Ryan Foster.  Foster Well Drilling also sponsored an entire Late Model Race at Shasta Raceway Park during the 2004 Season - "The Foster Well Drilling 100"

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Well Drilling in Shasta County - Foster Water Well Drilling

Well Drilling in Shasta County - Foster Water Well Drilling

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